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Rainbow House Children’s Shelter

Rainbow House Children’s Shelter ensures that each child receives nutritious food, clean clothing, excellent medical and dental care, and comprehensive tutorial services. Our goal is to increase the self-reliance, self-esteem, and other healthy life attitudes of each child. We work intimately with various local and state agencies and organizations to deliver impactful and efficient services. Our caring staff approaches the health, wellness, and unique circumstance of each individual child with a focus on prevention, early intervention services, and education.

Therapeutic Services

Through expert assessment, intuitive counseling, constructive play, and creative art therapy, we help children that are victims of verbal, physical, and mental abuse overcome their traumatic experiences by building a life-long system of love, positive reinforcement, and understanding.

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Project Smart Start

Education is the best tool for sheltered children to break the horrific cycle of homelessness and despair.  Project Smart Start focuses on the individual student’s educational level while addressing the harsh realities that impact the homeless. Our primary goals are to prevent educational delay and maintain appropriate grade-level performance and comprehension. Through ongoing educational assessments and daily tutoring, we can reduce educational disruptions, social isolation, and other negative behavioral traits that arise from the sudden or repeated change of schools, moving, or altered living situations.

Independent Living & Life Services

It’s imperative to provide essential life skills and development opportunities for all children but teens aged 14 to 18 require special attention to help prepare them for adult life, self-sufficiency and confidence in their choices. Rainbow House provides tangible training that helps teens find and retain employment, establish responsible banking and budgeting habits, and secure safe housing, inspiring them to pursue advanced or post-secondary education.

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